The Carrotot Club was created in 2008, aimed at introducing the wonderful world of ponies to children aged from 3 upwards.
Carrotot is a cartoon character based on ‘Bracken’ one of Wrea Green’s first riding school ponies.


Our specially selected qualified instructors supervise the children in a safely controlled environment, using pony topics to link to the educational subjects of reading, spelling, numeracy and drawing. The children gain new skills learning the importance of mixing with others, respecting and understanding the importance of being safe around ponies and the most important part of all, the fun of learning to ride, making the next step to their riding lesson an easy one.

Every holiday – on specific dates…
There is a strict signing in and out procedure that parents must adhere to.
Send the children with warm clothing, gloves, a coat, and a munchy moment, for our morning break time.

To find out when our next meeting takes place, telephone
01772 686576

Carrotot Club

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